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Aromatherapy products and treatment
Beauty Care accessories and product
Beauty Salon accessories, products and equipment
Chemicals and colourings for the cosmetics and the personal care industries
Contract Manufacturing
Cosmetic accessories, products and equipment
Essential Oils
Fashion Wear & Accessories
Hair Care accessories and products
Hair Salon accessories, products and equipment
Health / Fitness Gears & Accessories
Health Food and Supplements
Healthcare / Fitness equipment, products and services
Lingeries and Corselette
Make Up
Manicure & Pedicure accessories and products
Manicure & Pedicure furniture and equipment
Nail Care accessories, products and nail polish
Packaging and machinery
Perfume and Fragrance
Personal grooming and Hygiene products
Pharmaceutical products
Plant and herbal extracts
Raw materials and ingredients
Saunas and Jacuzzis
Skin care equipment and products
Slimming equipment and products
Spa equipment, furniture and products
Third Party Manufacturing
Schools and Training Institutes for beauty, hair, make-up and nails


Apparel and Accessories
Aromatherapeutic products
Body Treatments
Education and Training
Health and Organic Food
Massage Oils and Cream
Music and Sounds
Nail and Foot Care
Body and Skin Care
Spa Equipment
Spa products and supplies
Wellness Programmes


Alternative medicine
Aerobic and Yoga studio
Bio-technology products
Fitness Club and Slimming Centre
Fitness equipment
Healing arts
Health Spa and Resort
Health Food and Beverage
Hearing aids
Health appliances
Herbal and Natural health remedies
Herbal cosmetics
Homeopathic medicine
Massage and Aromatherapy products and services
Maternal Health
Macrobiotic food
Medical Supplies
Natural Food and Dietary Supplements
Natural ingredients
Nutrition and Vitamins
Nutrition Consultancy
Organic Food and Beverages
Pharmaceutical products
Personal Care products
Smoking cessation products
Soy products
Therapeutic Equipment and Suppliers
Traditional medicine


Raw Ingredients & Supply-related Products & Services
Functional food ingredients
Extracts, raw materials
Mushroom products
Processing technology
Encapsulation equipment
Labeling, capsules
Environmentally safe products

Natural/Functional/Organic Foods
Functional foods
High-end packaged natural foods
Full-line organic
Vegetarian offerings
Fortified foods, fresh fruits and vegetables
Green foods, specialty foods, gluten-free foods
Soy products
Dry goods, cereals
Gourmet, organic meats
Dairy products, beverages, water products

Full-line vitamins and dietary supplements, minerals
Meal replacements, energy bars, diet products, sports products Antioxidants
Pain treatments
Nutritional drinks

Herbals, Alternative Practices, Traditional Medicines
Raw and encapsulated herbs
TCM ingredients, essences Ayurvedic remedies
Naturopathic remedies, homeopathic remedies
Traditional medicines